Studio by Tide Collection

We all have a few pieces of clothing that we love to wear, but which are hard to wash without damaging. Dark and colored clothes, silk, wool, and lace fabrics are especially at risk of fading, discoloration, and pilling. With the new Studio by Tide detergent collection, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping your favorite garments looking newer, longer.

Say Goodbye to Faded Jeans and Discolored Shirts.

Developed for your denim, cotton, and fleece clothing, Studio by Tide Darks and Colors helps improve the quality of your clothes by trimming down stray fibers, protecting them from discoloration, pilling, and fading, and providing your garments with a paraben-, phthalate-, and phosphate-free clean. Studio by Tide Darks and Colors works in both HE and regular washing machines, even in cold water.

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Quick and Easy Tips for Washing Jeans:

1) Check the care label
2) Turn the jeans inside out
3) Wash in a cold-water cycle
4) Dry according to the care label
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For more details on how to prevent clothes from fading and keep your denim in top shape, read our article about washing your jeans

Looking for a Powerful, yet Gentle, Detergent for Delicate Clothes? Tide Has You Covered.

Offering gentle care for your silk, wool, and lace garments, Studio by Tide Delicates improves the appearance and texture of your clothes, even in a cold wash. It also prevents your colors from fading and protects against stray fibers. With no parabens, phthalates, or phosphates, skin-friendly Studio by Tide gives your delicates the gentle clean they deserve.

Studio by type collection

Quick and Easy Tips for Silk:

1) Check the care label
2) Place the garment in a mesh bag
3) Wash in a cold-water cycle on gentle or hand-wash setting
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To perfect your silk-washing skills, read our step-by-step guide on washing silk in the washing machine.